Affordevelopment Terms & Conditions

ICA & Non-Disclosure

ICA stands for Independent Contractors Agreement. We require a signed ICA with each client we serve. Our ICA is open ended which means it will remain in good standing until one or the other party cancels the agreement in writing. Our ICA allows us to work with you and gives us the right to work with other independent developers within our network as deemed necessary. Our ICA also serves as a non-disclosure agreement. We only require 1 signed ICA for each client. To view or download our ICA click here. If you are starting a project with us please download the ICA, sign and return the signed copy to our project manager at your soonest convenience.

The Project Scope Agreement

This agreement outlines what we agree to develop/design or otherwise do for our client with the project cost and deductions if applicable, any 3rd party fees, payment schedule and estimated time of delivery. We require one signed Project Scope Agreement for every project.

Being Prepared

If you're building a website you will need to purchase a domain, SSL and hosting services. We have our preferred vendors which provide excellent services for our clients. Affordevelopment can help setup and manage these services for you. Please make sure to have these purchased and available for when we begin your project. Also please have any content and/or graphics and/or other pertinent information ready for us before we start.

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Client Expectations

It is expected of the client to be well prepared before they hire us for a project, to maintain close communication with our project manager(s) during design and development times, to pay invoices promptly, within 3 days from date issued unless other arrangements have been agreed to via the signed Project Scope Agreement, to provide any and all needed materials that we have not agreed to produce via the Project Scope Agreement, to provide user credentials for every service associated with their project. Hosting, domain, payment gateway, WordPress login etc. and to pay all fees associated with 3rd party services as required to complete the project.

Project ETA

ETA stands for Estimated Time of Arrival. It's an estimate based on the information provided to us by the client before we start design and development. The ETA is subject to change if the project changes and or additional work is required from us. ETA will also fall to the way side if there are constant delays from the client side. Failure to provide materials and such as required in a timely fashion. We will always work hard to provide your completed project within our original estimate, but you have to have an open mind. ETAs are not deadlines.

3rd Party Services & Charges

Some projects may require an outside service or subscription to function on your website. The client is responsible for all 3rd party fees. We will always guide our clients to the best services for the best prices. It will be up to the client to maintain these 3rd party services if required. Hosting, domain, SSL, Plugins (rarely), service subscriptions, etc.

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Project Commitment

We consider ourselves and our client 100% committed to their project once our ICA and Project Scope Agreements have both been signed and the initial payment has been made. It is also understood a this point in time the client fully understands and agrees to our terms and conditions.

Payments General

All payments are due 3 days from the date set in a Project Scope Agreement or 3 days from the date issued. To start a project we usually require at least half the total cost of the project up front. All projects less than $1500 require full payment up front.

Payment Arrangements

In some cases we may consider other payment arrangements, but we will always need to have at least half the project fees paid before we can start a project with the only exception being a project under $1500, in which case we would need to receive full payment before we could start. Please discuss this with our project manager before we start your project.

Accepted Payment Methods

We gladly accept money orders, check and credit cards through PayPal and PayPal payments. PayPal invoices have a fee compensation of 2.9% + $1.30 of the total amount. Actual equation: (Total*2.9%) + $1.30 = Rough Compensation Amount (RCA), then take the (RCA*2.9%) + RCA = Final Comp Fee Amount.

Example using $1000.
$1000*2.9% = $29.00
$29.00 + $1.30 = $30.30 (RCA)
$30.30*2.9% = $0.88
$30.30+$0.88 = $31.18 (Final Fee Comp) Project Total: $1031.18

Hourly and Retainer

We offer hour to hour services as well as retainer time which can be used for just about any small purpose. We recommend retainer time over hourly because it's less expensive and there is no minimum charge. For larger projects, we recommend requesting a free estimate.

Standard Hourly Rate: $70 per hour. With min 1 hour charge.
Retainer Hourly Rate: $65 per hour with minimum purchase of 5 hours.
Custom Coding: $70 per hour.

Project Fee Minimum

Some companies today require a minimum project cost to accept your project. We do not do this. We offer hourly and retainer time for small updates or smaller projects and provide an estimate for larger projects. We will never refuse your project based on cost.


We do offer our services for anyone, so technically if you are a developer and require some help from us we will be more than happy to assist you. However, we do not currently offer reduced rates for this.

Work With Affordevelopment

Affordevelopment is in itself a networking group of some of today's top independent designers and developers. We're always open to new connections with new developers and enjoy forming new working relationships. If you're interested in working with the independent developer network group Affordevelopment simply contact us and make us aware of your interest, tell us how many years of real world experience you have, tell us your skills, provide a few samples of your work and we'll be in touch.

Non-Profit Organizations

We appreciate non-profit organizations. We offer a 10% reduction on total project fees for non-profit organizations for life. This does not apply to retainer or hour to hour fees.


Once committed to a project (see project commitment above) there is no way for Affordevelopment to refund your money. If there is any issue or concern with your project we will make it right and that is our guarantee. If you choose to cancel your project after it's begun please refer to "Project Termination" terms and conditions below.


Consultations are available free of charge for all our clients. Clients are those who have an active ICA with us. We offer 1, up to 1 hour, free consultation for non clients. For non-clients who would like to consult with Affordevelopment more than one (1) hour, we charge by the quarter (1/4) hour. $15 per quarter (1/4) hour. Time is always rounded up to the nearest quarter. If you consult with Affordevelopment as a non client for more than 1 hour but then become a client of ours, all consultation fees would be forgiven.

Project Estimates

We always strive to offer the most affordable solution for your project. A solution that will give you a good balance between affordability and quality so you get the best for your money. Once we've given you an estimate for your project, it should not fluctuate up or down even if our rates change. We will always honor our original estimate. The only time the original estimate may change is if additional work is requested by the client. In which case we can always adjust the estimated project fees and hours to include the additional work. Any additional request fees would need to be paid in full if the project has already started.

Price Match

We take the proper time to evaluate your project before giving you an estimate and are quite accurate with our ETA and fees. However, if a competitor estimate is within $200 of our estimate we can match them.

Lifetime Limited Support

This covers all the work we've done for our clients and is good for as long as they have a signed ICA with us. We will correct any issues with our work/code free of charge as needed. This does not cover modifications made by the client and/or another 3rd party developer who might of broken our work. It is always recommended that if you require modifications or updates to contact Affordevelopment first.

Project Termination

Please know that we avoid project termination at all costs. However, in the rare case where there is no other option, the details are below.

Situations which may prompt project termination are as follows:

1) Lack of client involvement which causes consistent delays in project development and or loss of communication with the client after we've made several attempts to establish contact. We allow a total time frame of 1 year from the start date to complete any project unless agreed otherwise via the Project Scope Agreement. Failure to complete a project within the 1-year time frame will result in project cancellation. Most projects are done within 1-3 months so we feel this is more than enough time to allow for project delays. Ultimately our goal is to complete your project asap or before or by the ETA.

2) Abuse of any kind. This can include anything derogatory, insulting or considered foul be it verbal or in written form towards Affordevelopment or towards an Affordevelopment developer for any reason.

3) Failure to pay invoices on time. Failure to pay your invoice could result in an early termination. We allow up to 3 days from the date of issue to pay the invoice. Please also refer to your Project Scope Agreement for specific dates when invoices are due.

What happens if your project is put into canceled status?

If your project has been canceled you should have an invoice in your inbox which will include the total amount still due on the project along with a 25% early termination fee. The fee is determined by the project's total cost. If your project cost is $1000 then the early termination fee would be $250. The final invoice is due in full within 5 days from the date of issue unless otherwise agreed to in writing. You can request a project restart at this point. We allow up to 1 year from the cancellation date to restart a project.

Hours Of Operation

We are officially open between the hours of 10am and 5pm Monday through Friday. We do not work on weekends or holidays. In the event, we need to take an extended leave we will notify all our clients via email. Users will also receive an auto response when they try to reach us notifying them of how long we plan to be away and when we plan to return. If we are able to connect during our leave we will make every effort to do so.

Acceptable Communication Methods

You can call, text or email during our hours of operation. We will respond within 24-48 hours (usually sooner) or asap on the next available business day.

Message & Text: (208) WEB-4311


(208) WEB-4311

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